Thursday, 3 May 2007




In all the land? Well, maybe up to Division 1 anyroad.

If Oldham lose Saturday n Swansea don't do us the favour of losing too we miss the play-offs. Chances of goin' up via the play-offs is slim at best so we'll be beatin' Leeds next season then!!

Shame when a massive club goes down like that. Hope yer don't languish too long like Wednesday have - or the Accy's

paddy said...

The only thing I know about football is how much my ol' man and brother liver for it. My brother brought me to see George Best play in Old Trafford with naturally Man. United. I can't even remember who they were playin'
but I was glued all the way through even though I hadn't a clue which end was up. Best never did what was expected score a gole just for us of course.
There you go just a Paddy I suppose
but then so was Best.
Y:-) Paddy
PS: Your finger is in the way of the camera, I really think you should put another one up for your boys when they remember you.